Tips for Skincare in winter

Winter is one of the most dreaded seasons. The weather during winter is not fun for the skin. The moistures in the skin go away every moment of the day due to the cold weather and low humidity levels which results in dry air.  And if you don’t handle the dry skin very well, it might lead to bleeding or cracking of the skin. This problem goes worst when the harsh wind comes. Also, the remaining air moisture goes out when indoor heat comes.

For you to be able to overcome these things and make your skin to look healthy, you will need to do a lot of works.

Even though winter has its own negative effects on the skin, there are still some positive effects. Winter has its own good effects but it still has a lot of negative effects. This article will tell you how you can stop chapping, redness, itching of the skin during winter. I will be discussing ways that you can maintain your skin during the winter season.

Tips for skincare in winter

Stay hydrated

The air during the winter is very dry – most especially outside. And because of that, the water in your body tends to evaporate easily. Which means that you need to keep your skin hydrated all the time. Also, if you want to manage the moisture level in your home, you can install a humidifier. It will help to keep your skin smooth all the time. Staying hydrated is one of the major things that you need to do all the time to avoid itching of your skin.

Also, due to the cold weather during the winter, we feel less dehydrated and tend not to drink water regularly. But we lose water from our body without knowing that. That is why we need to drink water regularly and refill our system so that we can have smooth skin. In that way also, we will not have to worry about dullness. Regular intake of water will also help you to be healthy.

Use a good skin care product

The skincare product that was good for your skin in the summer might not be good for your skin in the winter. This is why you need to choose your skincare product wisely. One of the major things that you need to do in the winter is using mild skincare products.

And to avoid stripping your skin from natural moisture barrier, use cleansers that contain moisturizers. It will help to keep your skin smooth. Also, if you have breakouts or acne, products like ceramides, hyaluronic acids, hydration serums will really be of help to you in fixing the moisture barriers of your skin.

Do not use any product that contains alcohol as it will make your skin to be dry during the winter.

Make use of Lukewarm water when washing your face in winter

Using hot water during winter can make your skin to be dry although it might relax your muscles. But it will make your skin to be dry and flaky. And that will be worse if you have a special skin that is sensitive to nature. Since the weather is cold and we cannot use cold water, it is better to use lukewarm water during the winter. In this way, you will not feel cold or allow natural oils to slough off easily from your body.

Moisturize Your skin

Since we have talked about using a good skincare product, it is imperative that you moisturize your body regularly. It will help your skin to be hydrated all the time. It will make sure that your skin does not lose its natural oil all the time. You can use most of the natural moisturizers like castor oil, olive oil etc.

Do not use chemical-filled soap in Skin care

Chemical filled soups tend to make your skin dry during the winter. And remember that whatever thing you apply to your skin is going directly to your body. So, avoid chemicalized soaps or skin products.  Also avoid antibacterial soaps, skincare products containing alcohol and soups with fragrances. These soaps will remove the natural oils from your body.

Replenish your skin at night.

Resting for 7 – 8 hours will help you to replenish your skin.  So, try to moisturize your body with oils before you sleep so that you will wake up with smooth skin. That will help to keep your skin healthy and beautiful all the time.

Don’t exfoliate your skin constantly.

You kill dead cells whenever you exfoliate your skin. But your skin barriers are already exposed during winter because of the dry and cold weather.

This is why you don’t need to exfoliate your skin all the time. Exfoliating your skin once in a week is good. It will help your skin to regenerate quickly. Also, your skin type should determine how you exfoliate.

If you have dry skin, exfoliate your skin lightly but if your skin is lightly and oily, you can exfoliate once in a week.

Reduce the heat

Most people love to slip into a tub of hot water during the winter. It is very good but most times, most people overdo it. The mixture of the hot water and your soap tends to reduce the natural oils in your skin. That will make the oil in your body to dry very fast. And one of the signs of such thing is skin itching or red skin when you come out of the shower.

Protect your skin

This is one of the major things that you need to do during winter. Always protect your skin from cold or wind or rain. And when you are going outside, wear gloves and caps and always remember to go with your sunscreen lotion.

Even though the warm sun rays are good but remember that the UV rays can still harm your skin. Use a sunscreen that has zinc oxide or titanium oxide. That will help to protect your skin.

Do not use anything that irritates the skin

If you are in the category of people that have skin problems like eczema, do not use anything that will irritate your skin. The skin during winter tends to be fragile and if you are exposed to allergens, it can unveil your symptoms again. For example, most people love wool and cannot stop to wear it during winter. If you are in such category, choose winter cloth which is produced from high-quality wool. And you can go for winter wear that is made from cotton, that’s if it is possible.

Care for your hands

As you are protecting your skin, also include the hands. The skin in the hands has fewer oils when compared to the other part of your body. This is why the moisture goes out of your hands so easily. And that makes the hands prone to itchiness or cracking. Always apply a moisturizer in your hands before you go out so as to keep your hands oily.

Maintain your feet

The feet are another part that is prone to itchiness during winter.  Always apply moisturizer in your feet before you go out. You can make use of petroleum jelly or you can use creams produced with glycerin. With that, your skin can absorb the moisturizer so easily. Maintaining your feet is very important most especially for students.

Regular Exercise

The weather in the winter is boring and makes it difficult for people to come outside. It seems difficult to leave the warmth and cosiness of the blanket behind and come outside for exercise. But the heart rate pumps when you do exercise which in turn pumps more blood to your organs and the skin. This is why you need to do regular exercise. There tends to be a constraint between the oil and sweat glands in your body and the blood vessels. This makes it difficult for the skin to stay healthy and grow naturally. This is why you need to do regular exercise so as to keep your body warm always.

Watch what you eat

Eat a lot of veggies and seasonal fruits during the winter. Berries are good sources of vitamins and antioxidants which your skin needs always so as to stay healthy and replenish during the cold weather. You can pick from grapes, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries etc. These will make your skin to stay healthy. You can still use fruits, veggies, soups to cover up the hydration part (that’s if you don’t drink water constantly). These will give your body the necessary nutrients that it needs to grow.

Don’t wear wet clothes for too long

Wearing wet clothes for too long will irritate your skin and cause skin itchiness. This is why you should not wear wet clothes for too long. But you can go out in the snow and play but always remember to remove the wet socks, gloves as soon as possible.

The above tips will help you to maintain your skin during winter and give your skin a beautiful look.  So, follow the above tips so as to keep your skin glowing during the chilly winter weather

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