Health Tips for Pregnant Women

If you want to have a healthy pregnancy, you must have good health. A healthy lifestyle does not only ensure a healthy pregnancy but it also adds to your overall wellbeing. This article will talk about health tips for pregnant women.

Pregnant Women Pregnancy comes with a lot of things. To have a healthy pregnancy, you will need to be a healthy mother.
Pregnant Women

Pregnancy comes with a lot of things. To have a healthy pregnancy, you will need to be a healthy mother. You will need to take adequate care of your health properly. Today, the main objective of everybody is to live a healthy and balanced life.

And this is far more pronounced when it comes to the health of a pregnant woman and the unborn child. You will need to have proper growth and development of the foetus. And in other to achieve that, a healthy pregnancy must include various factors like healthy weight,

Balanced diet etc. As a pregnant woman, you will still have to maintain your normal blood pressure, normal sugar level etc. These tips will help you to know how to eat better when you are pregnant.

These tips can also help you to prepare ahead of time if you are planning to become pregnant in future. By making the changes now, you can adapt to the new eating habit and be prepared ahead of time. Let’s get started;

Arrange for early Prenatal care

This is the first thing that you need to do when you are pregnant. You need to find a good doctor and a very good birthing centre during the early stages of your pregnancy so that you will get the needed prenatal care.

Always choose an understandable, easy going and qualified doctor who will give you the needed guidelines that will help you to have a safe delivery. You can plan the needed ultrasound scans and tests in advance so as to be aware of them and be prepared.

There are so many pregnancy tests and scan which you can undergo in other to screen certain conditions and know the health status of the foetus. You can use these tests to know if there are irregularities in your body.

Eat wholesome and nutritious food

For your baby to gain proper amount of weight, you will need to eat healthy foods and the adequate number of calories. The quantity of food that you need depends on some things like your age, weight before pregnancy and how fast you gain weight.

As a pregnant woman, you do not need more calories in the early stage of your pregnancy (first 3 months). And you may not still need more calories during the final stage of pregnancy. You can consult your doctor for this. Your doctor may advise you to eat more calories if you are not gaining the right amount of weight you need.

And if you are gaining too much weight, your doctor might advise you to cut down on calories. Everything depends on whether you were overweight, underweight or obese before you became pregnant. Another thing is if you are carrying more than one baby.

During pregnancy, you can eat the following;

  • Fruits and vegetables; it is a good source of vitamins and fibre.
  • Whole grains like brown rice, whole – wheat bread oatmeal; they are good sources of vitamin B, fibre and most other needed nutrients.
  • Protein from healthy sources like eggs, lean meats, beans and peas, seafood etc.
  • Low-fat milk or fat – free and non – dairy soy or milk products, rice, almond and drinks that are rich in Vitamin D and calcium.

Limit your intake of salt, solid fats (like butter, lard) and other sugar drinks and food.

Regular Exercise

Doing regular exercise is very good for your health as a pregnant woman. It will help you to control your weight, reduce stress, improve circulation, boost your mood and also sleep better. Try and walk for at least 15 to 20 minutes daily at a moderate pace and also in a cool, shaded area.

Maybe if you want to avoid overheating, you can decide to walk indoors. You can still try yoga, swimming Pilates. These activities will help to boost your health and the health of your -unborn kid. But remember to consult your doctor before embarking on any exercise program.

Because your doctor needs to run a check on you in other to determine whether you are fit or not. You can map out 30 minutes of your time daily for regular exercise but do not try to overdo it.

Watch Your Weight

This is one of the most important things that you need to do when you are pregnant. In other, for your baby to have a healthy size, you need to gain the right amount of weight.

But remember that your health will be at risk if your weight is too much or too little. This is why you need to watch your weight always. Too much weight gain can raise your chances of diabetes, high blood pressure during and after pregnancy.

Your health problem is likely to increase once you gain too much weight. It might lead to having hard delivery which might result in doing a cesarean section.

When you have a normal amount of weight, it can help you to have an easier and safe delivery. It will help you to revert back easily to your normal weight before you became pregnant. Research shows kids delivered by women with healthy weight have the chances of not having obesity or weight-related problems in life.

Note that the amount of weight that you should gain depends solely on your weight before pregnancy.

Get your Vitamin

Always try as much as possible and have plenty of folic acid and vitamin. These and other important vitamins can be gotten from foods and a standard multivitamin. Most of the things that are rich in folic acid include; oranges,

broccoli, spinach etc. The likes of Milk, yoghurt and spinach are loaded with calcium. Having a daily prenatal multivitamin will ensure that you get enough vitamin. You can consult your doctor about having a daily prenatal vitamin.

Do not smoke or take Alcoholic Drinks

The alcohol that you take enters your body through the blood. It will increase the chances of you having a baby with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) which will likely affect the baby’s mental growth. Other things that you should also avoid is smoking and harmful drugs. They will likely affect the growth and health of your child.

Always Get some Rest

Relaxing for a few hours will help to boost your health. You require enough sleep and rest during pregnancy. So, try and rest your body as much as possible. You can try Yoga and deep breathing. It will be of immense help to you.

Drink Plenty of Water

In other to maintain the amniotic fluid level in your body, you will need to keep yourself hydrated always. Drink at least 10 glasses of water daily. Not drinking enough water can cause morning sickness, dizziness, tiredness and also contraption during the second and third trimester.

Always drink pure and clean water so that oestrogen mimicking toxin are not transferred to your body. You can carry a water bottle and drink from a glass or BPA – free container.

Remove environmental hazards

If you are exposed to harmful chemicals, hazardous elements, radioactive elements, pesticides etc. You will need to talk to your doctor and seek advice on how to go about it because these things are dangerous to your health and the health of your unborn child.

Practice Kegels

Kegel exercise will help in strengthening the pelvic floor muscles which support the bladder, bowels and uterus. If you can do the Kegel exercise correctly, it will help you to have an easier delivery. And the amazing thing about it is that you can do the exercise anywhere like; inside your car, while you are sitting at the desk or even when standing in line at the grocery store.

Follow these steps in other to do it correctly;

  • Practice squeezing as if you are trying to stop the flow of urine when you use the bathroom.
  • Now, hold for at least three seconds and then relax for three.
  • Repeat it for at least ten times.

Avoid Certain Foods

Avoid some certain foods when you are pregnant.  Avoid foods like; raw or rare meats, liver, sushi, raw eggs, soft cheeses etc. You are likely to have food poisoning from most of them. Even when some fish is cooked,

It can be very high in mercury. So, in other not to jeopardize the health of your unborn kid, avoid some certain foods. You can consult your doctor to know other foods that you can avoid which can affect the health of your unborn kid.

Visit Your dentist

There are chances of hormonal changes in pregnant women which can lead to weaker gum. So, it is necessary that you visit a dentist so as to take the necessary precautions to avoid gum diseases. A rise in the oestrogen and progesterone level can cause bleeding and tender gums. So, it is important to have oral care during pregnancy.

Wear appropriate clothing

During pregnancy, your weight and shape increases. You need to wear appropriate clothing that will cover your body. Do not wear anything that will be too tight in your body. Wearing tight clothes can suffocate you and your baby.

Wear appropriate footwear

Your weight gain is likely going to hamper the centre of gravity which can create a painful pressure in your feet when your pregnancy progresses. So, it is advisable that you wear something that is easy on your feet.

Take good care of your skin

You might likely encounter sun burns or dark spots in your skin during pregnancy because your skin becomes sensitive to sunlight. So, you can apply sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher.

Educate yourself

You need to educate your self on the various stages of pregnancy. In that way, you will know when to seek medical help. Always seek for medical help when you have the following; severe pain, vaginal bleeding, dizziness, palpitations, swelling of joints, cramps, etc.

The above tips will help you to have a safe delivery.

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